Reliable Sources on the Internet

Some Common Domain Names
.edu – education sites
.gov – government sites
.org – organization sites
.com – commercial sites
.net – network infrastructures

but not always  Twitter ~ I post links to web sites.  I later use Twitter to gather the research I have found for my topic.  Hashtags can also be used for Twitter.

Judging reliability and relevance of a source:  Click here.

Evaluating internet research sources:  Click here and here.

Click here to view video tutorials about how to use ELM databases on the Minitex Web Site.

Internet Search Techniques

Expert Google Searching Part 1: Using Boolean operators and phrase searching

Criteria to Evaluate the Credibility of www Resources

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Advanced Search for a Research Paper

Cloud Computing

Blogs:  Giving Voice to the Voiceless ~ they will include links to experts and reliable sources.  Create your own Blog and save information there.

Look At This by Tami Tagtow ~ (Word Press)

Journeys by Diane Cordell ~ Turning the Page ~ Free eBook

Unquiet Library by Buffy Hamilton

RSS Feed  Advanced Search ~ Fast

iGoogle is my favorite Reader ~ add RSS feeds.

Twitter ~ I post links to web sites.  I later use Twitter to gather the research I have found for my topic.  Hashtags can also be used for Twitter.

Jack Sprat Story ~  Researched Blog Post

ACGC School Garden ~ Researched Blog Post

ELM ~ Electronic Libraries of Minnesota

Choose a Data Base: ERIC (EBSCO)

Encyclopedia Britannica ~ Advanced Search


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Reliable Sources ~ Citations ~ Plagiarism

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due is what we need to do when creating information for projects at ACGC.  You will always need to cite information that is not yours.

Wikimedia Commons ~ Citation Needed

Your ACGC teachers will help you with the topics of Reliable Sources, Citations and Plagiarism.  Plus you are always welcome to stop in at the Media Center and ask Mrs. Tagtow and Mrs. Knisley for help.

Plagiarism:  It is against the law to copy other people’s work without using citations.  How Can I Use My Sources Without Plagiarizing?

Citations:  When your teacher asks you to use a formal citation, a great site to use is EasyBib.  You can find the EasyBib link also at our ACGC Destiny Home Page.  (ACGC uses MLA Citation Style)

Reliable Sources:  Here at ACGC, we are fortunate to be able to access: ELM:  Electronic Libraries of Minnesota.  You can find the ELM link also on our ACGC Destiny Home Page.

Mrs. Hansen’s Resource Book List for Agriculture Classes:                                        Click here to connect to ACGC Destiny Quest (Library Catalog)


More information:                                                                                                                 Judging reliability and relevance of a source:  Click here.                                             Evaluating internet research sources:  Click here and here.                                      Click here to view video tutorials about how to use ELM databases.

Blog Credits: Nov. 18, 2010  How to Cite Something You Found on a Website in APA Style  by Chelsea Lee Imagine the internet as a fried egg.  October 14, 2009 How to Cite Wikipedia in APA Style  by Timothy McAdoo  Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due:  A project of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.  How Can I Use My Sources Without Plagiarizing?:  Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library, Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN.  Learn to Find, Access, and Manage Information:  University of Wisconsin/Madison  ELM Video Tutorials:  Minitex: An Information and Resource Sharing Program of the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and the University of Minnesota Libraries.  A printer friendly copy from Gustavus Adolphus College. &  Minitex: 

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TitlePeek is Here!!

I am very excited to announce that TitlePeek is now available on our ACGC Online Media Center Catalog ~ to find ACGC’s Destiny and Destiny Quest ~ Click Here.

I think everyone is going to love searching for books, because TitlePeek displays the covers of books.  The first time you access TitlePeek on a computer that has not been to our Destiny Site, you will not be able to see all of the book covers on the computer you use, because of the cache ~ Click Here to read more about how caching works.

Watch the quick start tutorials below to learn more about how to use ACGC’s Destiny and Destiny Quest Online Catalog.

Using the Title Peek Option in Follett Destiny

Getting Started ~ Destiny Online Catalog ~ Searching and More

Using Follett Destiny to Find Books for Students’ Reading Level

Tutorials by:  isd832mps’s YouTube Channel and debtharp’s YouTube Channel

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Thinking Outside the Box

This is the beginning of my second year as ACGC Media Specialist (grades K-12). Our school is one district with buildings in three different towns ~ Atwater, Cosmos and Grove City. We have one Media Specialist (me), but are fortunate to have three Media Clerks in each building that staff the Media Centers.

ACGC’s enrollment is 791 students in a district that covers 340 square miles and we also have a four-day school week.  We are doing our best to maintain a quality program for ACGC students.  Thinking outside the box is what we do best.  I am proud to be a teacher at ACGC.

Click here to see the MN Dept of Ed map of our district. Click here to read about ACGC in the New York Times.

As the 2011-2012 school year approaches, I reflect on how to make improvements with our ACGC Media Program.   I believe we need to become more flexible.  What can we do in our Media Centers that will benefit all of our students and our teachers?

Who is willing to volunteer to pilot a program where classes would become more flexible with their schedules?  Please contact me if you are interested in being a part of this experience.  Is there a special project you would like to collaborate with the Media Specialist who is also a Teacher (me ~ Mrs. Tagtow)?

What can the Media Center do for you?

Clip Art:  Wikimedia Commons ~ Benjamin D. Esham
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Welcome 2011 – 2012

FISH = Finding Information For Students In A Hurry

To:  ACGC Staff and Students

Date:  August 1, 2011

From:  Tami Tagtow, ACGC Media Specialist (K-12)

This year I would like to challenge ACGC Staff and Students to Look At our                 ACGC Media Centers in a new and different way.  Times Are Changing

** Our ACGC Media Center is here to enrich our curriculum and to help our ACGC students have a richer
experience at school.

**  Title Peek ~ an addition to Destiny this year = everyone who uses our Card Catalog will also be able to “see” the cover of the book.  Destiny Quest = ACGC on-line card catalog.

** Blogging ~ an invitation from the West Central Tribune and the Independent Review to blog on their newspaper web sites. How can ACGC be a part of this?

** Researching ~ does ACGC want to include these and other community projects?      Veteran’s History Project ~ Poetry Month ~ ……….

** Reflecting ~ I will be sharing results at our State Level ~ MEMO=Minnesota Educational Media Organization ~ Fixed and Flexible Scheduling ~ MEMO
Visioning Committee ~ other topics to discuss? ~ ……….

MEMO Standards ~ click here.

The Daring Librarian ~ click here.

“How can the Media Center help you?


Tami Tagtow’s note:  Permission granted by Carl A. Harvey to share A Library Media Specialist is: within the school where I work.

A Library Media Specialist:

is a teacher ~ teaching students how to be information literate.

is a collaborator ~ working with teachers to plan, instruct and evaluate student learning.

is a resource locator ~ helping you find answers to questions and helping find resources.

is a communicator ~ talking and sharing about how the library relates to the vision of the school.

is an innovator ~ willing to try new things ~ looking for new ways to get even better.

has a global perspective ~ working with everyone and seeing the dynamics of the entire school.

loves to learn ~ about new ideas and strategies for working with students and teachers.

is a lifelong learner ~ modeling that for their students and teachers.

is a technology integrator ~ using technology in their instruction.

But most of all, the Library Media Specialist does not work alone. For a school to have a successful library media program it takes everyone (the library media specialist,
teacher, administrators, and the library media staff) working together for the benefit of the students.

Photo:  Tami Tagtow

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