Putting Labels on Books

Our goal is to have a uniform look with the books on our library shelves.

The books in the current ACGC Media Centers have been merged from many different libraries as the school system has evolved.  The former schools were:  Atwater, Cosmos, Grove City and AGC.  These school systems included Elementary, Junior High and High Schools.  We do the best we can using the labeling system from the past.  However, this post will help us know how to label books for the 2017-2018 school year.


Look at the books below:  What do you notice about the labels?

Book Sample.jpg

In the photo below: the circled labels are placed correctly on the book spine for the   ACGC Media Center. The top white label is the call number.  The yellow label shows the AR level & AR point value. The white label is placed above the yellow label.  The yellow label is placed close to the bottom of the book spine.

Book Sample.jpg

Red rectangles below show books that need to be fixed.  The call numbers are not centered and some of the AR labels are not centered.  The placement of the labels could be lower, but are ok. As long as the labels need to be centered, the labels can be moved lower on the book spine.

Books to fix.jpg

Doing something over isn’t a fun job.  It’s best to do things right.  These books could be in this library for many years, so we are going to fix the labels before tape is put over the spine.

Removing Labels.jpg

Look at the books below:  What do you notice about the labels? Correct Books.jpg

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