Welcome 2011 – 2012

FISH = Finding Information For Students In A Hurry

To:  ACGC Staff and Students

Date:  August 1, 2011

From:  Tami Tagtow, ACGC Media Specialist (K-12)

This year I would like to challenge ACGC Staff and Students to Look At our                 ACGC Media Centers in a new and different way.  Times Are Changing

** Our ACGC Media Center is here to enrich our curriculum and to help our ACGC students have a richer
experience at school.

**  Title Peek ~ an addition to Destiny this year = everyone who uses our Card Catalog will also be able to “see” the cover of the book.  Destiny Quest = ACGC on-line card catalog.

** Blogging ~ an invitation from the West Central Tribune and the Independent Review to blog on their newspaper web sites. How can ACGC be a part of this?

** Researching ~ does ACGC want to include these and other community projects?      Veteran’s History Project ~ Poetry Month ~ ……….

** Reflecting ~ I will be sharing results at our State Level ~ MEMO=Minnesota Educational Media Organization ~ Fixed and Flexible Scheduling ~ MEMO
Visioning Committee ~ other topics to discuss? ~ ……….

MEMO Standards ~ click here.

The Daring Librarian ~ click here.

“How can the Media Center help you?


Tami Tagtow’s note:  Permission granted by Carl A. Harvey to share A Library Media Specialist is: within the school where I work.

A Library Media Specialist:

is a teacher ~ teaching students how to be information literate.

is a collaborator ~ working with teachers to plan, instruct and evaluate student learning.

is a resource locator ~ helping you find answers to questions and helping find resources.

is a communicator ~ talking and sharing about how the library relates to the vision of the school.

is an innovator ~ willing to try new things ~ looking for new ways to get even better.

has a global perspective ~ working with everyone and seeing the dynamics of the entire school.

loves to learn ~ about new ideas and strategies for working with students and teachers.

is a lifelong learner ~ modeling that for their students and teachers.

is a technology integrator ~ using technology in their instruction.

But most of all, the Library Media Specialist does not work alone. For a school to have a successful library media program it takes everyone (the library media specialist,
teacher, administrators, and the library media staff) working together for the benefit of the students.

Photo:  Tami Tagtow

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